Blogging Hiatus This Week

Hi everyone. These past two weeks have been different to the rest.

Che and I are getting used to a new routine – balancing work, home, family, Toastmasters, blogging for me…and going to the gym. Yes, this is new to our schedule and we’re both loving it. This routine will become routine, of that I am sure.

This week I find myself in Cape Town once again. I arrived a few hours ago and am comfortably installed in an airbnb. I’m experimenting with two things on this trip:

1. Travelling without my laptop. I’ve only brought my iPad, so it means all client comms, and blogging on this device.

2. I have brought a small tote bag with clothes for three days. Carry-on luggage. Minimal toiletries. I’ve rolled up all of my clothes and they haven’t creased. Off course, because it’s summer there are no bulky clothes. 

I don’t like carrying big bags, and I’m growing increasing less tolerant of having to check in bags. This experiment in travelling light will be continued when I go to Berlin in March. It will be the end of winter and I will need to pack bulky clothes. If anyone has tips on how to successfully travel lightly, do let me know.

I hope you have an awesome week and I’ll be back on the weekend.

Until then.


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