Graceful Clouds

Hello friends! Che and I had a late gym session yesterday and when I got back home I was so knackered I had little energy for blogging. I did yoga and I must say that it was a good session. It stretched me in ways my body had never been before and afterwards I felt so light, as though I was breathing through my spine. If this sounds airy-fairy just try a good session of yoga with an instructor that knows their stuff and let me know 😉

From the gracefulness of yoga to the gracefulness of today’s clouds. It was a glorious summers day and Johannesburg was in her element, showing off her glorious weather for all to enjoy. She was in show-off mode today. Just look at the gallery below (unedited).

And now, an edited photo (using Snapseed) of the threatening thunderstorm just two-hours later.

Threatening thunderstorm in Johannesburg
©2017 Regina Martins

The storm hasn’t yet arrived and the clouds have somewhat cleared. Still waiting…


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