A New Type of Marathon

I have bad memories of coming stone last in 100m sprints in primary school. In every single race. That was enough to keep me away from any form of athletic endeavour, even marathon running. The only types of marathons I do now are binge-watching Madam Secretary, The X-Files and Frasier on Netflix and Showmax.

Che and I did not know about binge-watching. We were very innocent in that regard. We dutifully waited for the episodes of our favourite series to arrive each week. Until we got high-speed internet, which coincided with us becoming aware of Netflix and Hulu. What can I say, we are late-bloomers.

In any event, it all started off innocently enough. Just one episode of this series and another episode of another series each evening. Until the mid-season finales came along. Then all intentions of savouring each episode went out of the window.

First it was 2 episodes back-to-back. Then it was 3…and 4 and so it went, until we binge watched 9 seasons of The X-Files in a matter of weeks. Innocent no more!

These periodic marathons more than make up for coming stone last in the 100m sprint in primary school.


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