WordPress Weekly Photo: Musical Ambience

This week Jeff Golenski  asks us to post a photo showing Ambience. I found this photo in my archives and was reminded of my birthday lunch in 2015.

I was pleasantly surprised when the restaurant had a jazz band playing. The saxophonist was a delight to listen to. He interacted with us and made my birthday that much extra special. When I look at this photo I am reminded of this wonderful lunch, and how the band and the saxophonist added to the ambiance of the place and my birthday lunch.

©2017 Regina Martins

Ambience is the atmosphere of one’s surrounding environment. It basically boils down to how one’s surroundings impact the human senses and alter the feelings of an individual. Things like light, temperature, smell, sound, and sometimes taste, all work together to create ambience. The term ambience usually refers to a positive atmosphere that uplifts a person’s mood. As an example, one might say, “Wow, this place has real ambience!”

What photos have you taken that are full of ambience?


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