WordPress Weekly Photo: Villa Albergotti

Much to my disappointment I discovered a few years ago that the added sulphites in wine make me sick. I know what you’re thinking – no, there was no hangover involved. A hangover means many glasses (or bottles) of wine. Half-a-glass was enough for the nausea, muscle spasm and pain that followed.

It wasn’t always like that. One day I woke up and wine no longer agreed with me. So when I come across a wine that doesn’t have the added sulphites I relish the taste and enjoy a glass or three.

I was introduced to this wine by my colleagues in Berlin and was assured by Gino the restauranteur that there were no added sulphites. It is clarified using egg whites or albumen. The result is a soft as silk wine that leaves me wanting more.

Villa Albergotti a soft as silk chianti
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