Our Christmasses Are Green

Have I told you yet that our Christmasses are green?

We don’t have white Christmasses here, we have green ones. Green hills, green grass, green heat. The sky is blue. The pool is blue. It’s summer here. Maybe in the early morning when soft mist rolls in high lying areas there is a bit of white. It is soon replaced by green though.

Che doing his favourite summer activity – swimming!
©2016 Regina Martins

January 1 was hot and green. The sky was blue. It was cool inside my folks’s place. We ate lots of food. My nephew didn’t want to let go of Extreme Landings on his iPad.

Why did the cattle cross the road?
©2016 Regina Martins

January 2 was hot and green. I read the whole day. In the evening Che and I had tea and Bolo Rei on the patio while waiting for Venus to show us her fair visage and the bats came out to play. We were a sweet treat for the blood sucking mosquitoes. It was sweetness all around.

Bolo Rei, traditional and delicious sweet Portuguese breadified-cake made by yours truly this year
©2017 Regina Martins

Our Christmasses are green and sweet.


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