Thoughts On The Interior Life Of Snails

On inner life and outer life

People with rich inner lives don’t need other people and yearn to get back there if too much time is spent outside. Like me. When I am around people for long periods of time I get overwhelmed and long for my own space, physical, mental and emotional. To sit in silence or read a book. Much like a nutritious snack after an intense gym session that nourishes me and brings my scattered thoughts back into line.

On vitamin D

I read a Harvard Health review article this morning about vitamin D and what constitutes healthy levels. There is the opinion of the medical professional who wrote the article and there is the opinion of many other people who commented on the article. The opinions, experiences and beliefs differ, some radically to one another. What is constant though is that we are nowhere near figuring out what the correct levels are, can they be generalised across population types and age groups and is sun exposure enough? Each person is different.

On geography

I live in the interior of the country. No sea for kilometers…800 to be almost exact. Having spent 9 years of my childhood by the sea it is still strange not to have a beach to go to. I have adapted to interior living and dream of sunset walks on the beach.

On the inside of my home

It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Clearly not well insulated. But it is my home, and the energy feels right. It grounds me. It is not neat and tidy. It is lived in and comfortable.

On the interior life of snails

Am I a snail?


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  1. I’m laughing out loud. The headline hooked me, and then to find it referenced in that last question. Neat.

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