My Biggest Words Of 2016

It is not surprising that my biggest word for 2016 was Home. I wrote about Home and Identity many times on these pages this year. With all the travelling I have done, coming back home was awesome. I enjoy travelling and seeing new places and I do it because I know I have my home to come back to, to ground, recharge and reconnect with myself.

Home, South Africa, Johannesburg, Country – all of those words are related to this theme. South African, Portuguese and Accent are all related to the theme of Identity.

Feel is also a big word for me, and as my preferred modality is visual-kinaesthetic this is hardly surprising. On the visual side I entered in many photo challenges, especially the WordPress weekly one, and many of Cee’s photo challenges. I even got selected a few times as one of Cee’s featured bloggers.

Word cloud credit Tagul word clouds.

I am going to be studying in 2017 and it is going to be interesting how that word cloud will look like in 12 months time.

WordPress Discover Challenge – Retrospective.


4 thoughts on “My Biggest Words Of 2016”

    1. Thanks Mabel 🙂
      Go to and click on Create Now, click on Import Words and copy and paste the text you want a word cloud for, then click on Visualise (pink button on the right), then go to Download and Share. I downloaded the PNG image format, which then can be uploaded to your blog.
      There is an easier one – but I didn’t come right with that one, maybe because I was using Chrome and Safari. Give it a try, perhaps it will work with your browser.
      Let me know how you come right 🙂

  1. Happy New Year Regina, trust you had a nice Christmas. Thank you for sharing that brilliant idea of looking back on all the posts you wrote and summarizing the way you did in a new post, I may try it as well I love the way you presented it very eye catching. Thank you once again I enjoyed reading it.

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