Weekend Coffee Share 2016-11-13: The Unexpected Edition

Please come in. It’s not raining right now, perhaps it will come down later. Right now it’s sunny and hot, so let’s catch up over some coffee or other cold drink. It’s got to be a short one because I have a few things to complete still today.

If we were having coffee…

…we’d talk about how unexpected Donald Trump’s win in the US elections was, just like Brexit. Unexpected and unwelcome.

…we’d talk about the extreme thunderstorms we’ve been experiencing and the flash-floods on the East Rand. Again, something unexpected.

…we’d talk about Telkom’s inability to fix our ADSL line after so many weeks. Some people will say that is expected, being Telkom and all. The length of time that it’s taking is wholly unexpected. I’m at a loss for words.

Last night we had dinner at my folks and what a lovely evening it was reconnecting with some old friends of my parents who are retiring to St. Francis Bay soon.

That’s it for now.

Until next week, I hope you have a great one!


Part of Part Time Monster’s weekend coffee share.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 2016-11-13: The Unexpected Edition”

  1. Miss having coffee with you! Have to make one correction. Donald Trump’s win was indeed unexpected but half of Americans frustrated with the last eight years considered it welcomed. I’ve had some serious concerns with lies and cover ups that occurred in the executive branch and state department, including but well beyond Hillary Clinton. It is not good nor pleasant when government sweeps wrongs under the rug. We’ve become a much more divided nation, and I grieve. Not thrilled with PE Trump but I pray for much good to come out of this election in time. So grateful I can trust God no matter what. Was ready for His will with either candidate.

    I guess you could say you’re hearing from one of the silent, anguished Americans who wanted change but struggled with voting for Trump. It’s a bit hard writing you this, knowing the struggles in South Africa against racism and bigotry. I and many others welcomed an African-American president but have been shocked with how things have gone sideways, stirring up strife instead of bringing us together.

    Thank you for listening to my perspective.

    1. Thank you for writing this Ann. I’ve been devouring articles about the election, different opinion pieces and making sure that I’m only paying attention to credible sources. Here in South Africa what came out most pointedly was PE Trump’s words and language used, which tears at the fibre of current South African society. We are also worried about what his election will mean for our trade agreements. Our economy is tied at the hip to the American economy, when rates go up there, our currency loses value, our stocks take a dive and the economy suffers. Off course, there are other reasons for our economic woes – our own president and his shenanigans, to put it kindly. I agree with you – it is not good or pleasant when the government hides things and sweeps wrongs under the carpet – we have too much of that right now here in my country.

      These elections aren’t about me or South Africa – it’s about the frustrations of the American people. I also pray for good to come of his election.

      Thank you once again for writing this. I acknowledge that it was not easy for you to write this and I respect and accept your considered opinion.

      I hope that one day soon we will have coffee together in real person 🙂

      (PS: Apologies for responding so late. It’s been an insane week and attention to my blog suffered as a result.)

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