Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 44

Honoured to have been selected as a Featured Blogger by Cee with this post!

I took this photo while on the hop on hop off bus in Munich. I liked the vapour trail of the plane above so decided to capture it. I then saw that part of my beanie’d head was also visible. I almost made it my profile pic on Facebook 🙂

And a few more photos that are just…well…oddball.

img_5935 - Cee Oddball - reginamartins.com


img_6048 - Cee Oddball - reginamartins.com


img_5641 - Cee Oddball - reginamartins.com

Can you see the doll’s feet peeking over the edge of the plastic sandpit?

img_5636 - Cee Oddball - reginamartins.com

Entered in Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge this week.


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