Travelling Again, Bad Planning And Blogging Break Until Wednesday

Hello! I’m going to be travelling tomorrow and probably have connectivity only on Wednesday night. I should also have wifi on the train to Berlin during the day on Wednesday.

I’m flying to Munich then catching the ICE to Berlin. On Friday I’m back in Munich, only this time I’m flying.

It’s my first time on a high speed train, and I’m both apprehensive and excited at the same time. The apprehension stems from the fact that my German is…well…non-existent. It’s not the first time I’m in Germany though, and I found that many people didn’t speak English. I do find that strange though, as Berlin is such a cosmopolitan city.

I need to get from Munich airport to the train station. I’m going to ask Che for the phrase to ask the cab driver – he did German in school and still remembers a lot. I’m also going to buy a Munich travel guide – don’t they include common phrases too? I’ll also investigate a bus option, it will be cheaper and longer I expect.

In Berlin I’m attending a coach camp, meeting my colleagues, learning from each other and connecting over some beer or wine!

In Munich I’m attending my very first global Scrum conference.

But let me tell you the kicker! Tomorrow is mine and Che’s wedding anniversary. 24 years! And I’m travelling.  On Saturday is my birthday! And I’m away.

I was supposed to only travel in November so when I was asked to move my trip to October I said yes without looking at my calendar!

Bad planning! So some of the apprehension is coming from this too. I feel guilty and like a bad person. Che is cool about it though, he’s an awesome human being. There is a lesson in this though – check the calendar first before agreeing to something, anything!

So all of this to say that I will not be posting until Wednesday.

Until then, keep on being awesome!



4 thoughts on “Travelling Again, Bad Planning And Blogging Break Until Wednesday”

  1. First I am so happy for you Regina that you are able to attend these events they can only advance and enrich your career. I thank God for your hubby who is happy to let you enhance your profession to him your success is his as well. Third I am sorry that you will miss being with your hubby for your anniversary but I am sure for You guys every day is anniversary day You will celebrate when you get back. So you have a great time at all these events you will be attending. For us your followers it means more beautiful photographs during your journeying and look forward to seeing them.

    1. We shall certainly celebrate week, and I’m going to plan my birthday celebration with my family as well. I love travelling like this (except for the air travel 🙂 – it’s a control thing, because I’m not piloting the plane. I am not a pilot so this is a completely irrational thing to think about, but the left-brain does interesting things when it’s under stress.

      I’ve taken a few pics out of the window of the train I’m on now. The German countryside is gently beautiful, and seeing it from the gentle speed of the train adds to the mystique and allure. I’ll post a few pics, perhaps today.

    1. That’s good to hear. The cab driver today spoke English quite well. I got into the cab and pulled up Google Translate and he laughed and answered in English 🙂

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