Photos Of The Outside Of The Sagrada Familia

I didn’t buy tickets in time to go inside the Sagrada Familia. I didn’t know that I had to buy them beforehand online. If all I had done was tour this impressive structure then that would have been enough. Kind of like visiting the Taj Mahal.

All I wanted to do when I visited India was visit the Taj Mahal. Everything else I got to see was a bonus. That’s how I felt about the Sagrada Familia and Barcelona.

So I contented myself with walking around the perimeter and took as many photos as I could of this fascinating basilica. It dominates the skyline and I looked up at the structure with a mixture of awestruck confusion and admiration.

Click on any image and scroll through the gallery. I have included loads of info in the captions.

Information about the Sagrada Familia garned from the foundation’s website.