I Live Among Superheroes

I live among superheroes!

Superhero, defined by the Cambridge dictionary  as “a person who is admired for having done something very brave or having achieved something great.” 

Think back to your day, your week, your month or year. Think of someone who did something brave. Think of someone who did something great.

Brave and great things are done daily by people the world over.

It could be you. Well how about that?

Perhaps you are like Superman, with a strong moral compass, helping people who need help. Making a difference in people’s lives.

Or perhaps you are like Batman, able to convey hope and a vision for a better future to those around you? Batman gave Gotham City hope and vision for a better future.

Are you like Ironman? Well…Tony Stark cannot hide who he really is. During the press conference in the first  Ironman movie he tells the world that he is Ironman. He values transparency, and an honest and open approach.

Maybe you are like Spiderman? Trying to figure how to navigate the obstacles and opportunities life presents him with and which he courageously turns to his advantage?

People need superheroes. The modern mythology of comic book superheroes tell us stories about humanity, they “reflect and examine mankind’s struggles, its hopes its fears and its dreams.” (Hubpages)

I live among superheroes. Don’t you?