Stream of consciousness #4

Looking at the blank screen wanting to write and no words come out. The sun is starting to come out after a day and a night of unseasonal winter rain. It’s turned the weather icy with gusting wind. In some parts of the country it is snowing. There was a warm wind blowing yesterday when I got home from playing with my nephew and both Che and I commented that this was ideal conditions for snow. Joburg is not a snow region. In all the time I’ve lived here it’s snowed 3 times. It’s thin snow that melts in no time, and those brave people who ventured outside to build a snowman had to steal snow from the neighbour’s yard to complete theirs. It’s thin on the ground, so you see, Joburg is not snow country. I’ve never seen real snow, the type that lies thick on the ground and you sink into it just like in the fairy tale books. On Friday I’ll be in Portugal and it’s tipped to be 37 degrees. From one extreme to another. I’m bingeing on echinacea.