Project H: A Tale Of Two Countries

If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog you will know that the themes of Home, Identity and Family are important to me and often come up in my writing.

When the amazingly talented Jason from HarsH ReaLiTy introduced Project H I jumped at the chance to participate.

“Our “home” or where we live often becomes mundane and average to us. What we quickly forget is that the everyday sights of one person are visual orgies for another. Sharing some photos and thoughts on your town, city, or around your home is the best introduction any blogger can give. Many writers dismiss this information as trivial in nature, but there is nothing trivial about allowing your readers a glimpse into your everyday life.” (Project H – HarsH ReaLiTy)

My guest post was published a couple of days ago, where I share what Home means to me. I’d love for you to read it!

You can find it here – Project H: A Tale Of Two Countries.

Thanking you in anticipation!


3 thoughts on “Project H: A Tale Of Two Countries”

  1. Thank you for sharing your home with us and for taking part in the project! I hope people see the true goal of this project as it grows and people share their views!

  2. My dear cousin, I understand this duality we experience in our lives and I believe we are richer for it!
    Today I hold three passports, and if I were to analyze my true identity, I need to ask my inner core , my inner self where in the spectrum of the three cultures do I feel the most comfortable? I do not have a straight answer: I will stop here as I could probably identify with all three cultures to greater and lesser degree. I believe home is where my dearest and closest family live.

    1. That is so true, we are the richer for it. I love seeing on Facebook how you and the “famelga” have adopted to life in your new country – and what holds the thread between us all are the strong ones of family.

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