Where’s My Ducks?

Hi everyone! I’m not feeling terribly inspired to write something I’d feel happy about posting and yet I feel the need to post something.

I’m in Stellenbosch for a week and a half training a client and today was day  1. It was full and intense and I loved seeing how some people got ah-ha moments.

It’s chilly out and I’ve been sitting on the floor of the little guest cottage I’m renting because it’s warm from the underfloor heating. The bedroom upstairs has no such heating and I’m seriously considering sleeping on the couch downstairs.

Oh yes, another thing. I usually save images of motivational sayings, things that I want to remember later because it’s easier to take a screen shot or save the image than reaching for pen and paper. My camera roll is filled with these.

It occurred to me last week that I should be sharing some of them. This one caught my eye – it’s not motivational but it doesn’t make it any less true – and reminds me of the times when I think I have my argument all lined up, only to realise that…nooo, the logic makes no sense and the best thing is to quit while I’m ahead.

Has that ever happened to you?



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