Weekend Coffee Share: About Last Week

Hello and come on in. I have new coffees. My favourite is the Nicaraguan one. It has such depth of flavour. I opened the Kenyan this week and it’s also good, although the Nicaraguan still tops it. I suspect that this will change as I open the new packs.

So, if we were having coffee, I’d definitely recommend that one, or a 4 to 1 blend of both.

The week was busy-ish. On Monday I was at a client, and for the next 3 days I was working at home. It was great to be able to do that and boy was I busy.

I managed to blog every day. I’m not very happy with my writing this past week. I was distracted and too critical so what came out could have been better. I’m trying to do the daily WordPress one-word prompt but some were so uninspiring this week that I posted photos instead.

I also finally wrote a post on my visit to Portugal. I have so much more to write about and so many pics to share that it’s simply overwhelming and I’ve not done what I wanted. Hope this makes sense. In any event, I published A Simple and Meaningful Tribute yesterday, telling the story and showing the pics of a photographer’s tribute to the elderly who live in a particular narrow lane in the Lisbon suburb of Mouraria.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that my car went in for a service this week. It took longer than the usual 1 day. The rear gearbox mount was broken which came as a surprise for me. The roads in some parts of Joburg are so bad and there are speed bumps everywhere that I could’ve done the damage at any of these times.

Some of the speed bumps are not well sign-posted and the white paint has long ago been faded by the sun that I don’t see them until it’s too late. Sometimes I manage to come to a sharp slow down just before my car hits the speed bump. There are other times that my car bounces over them and I wince because my car is quite low to the ground.

So ja, it could’ve been any one of those times. In any event, I got my car back on Friday afternoon. The mechanic SMS’d me 25 minutes before closing time that my car was ready and Che and I had to rush to go and fetch it. Now it’s happy and sounds like an aeroplane when I brake to slow down. Rather cool.

I’m looking forward to next weekend. Thursday June 16 is Youth Day and I’m taking the Friday off as well. Che and I are going to the Magaliesberg to a delightfully looking Stone Cottage I found on Airbnb.

Until next time, have a great week!


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