What A Day! It Was Nice, Yes.

What a day! It was nice, yes it was.

First a young man in a souped up Golf and I had a celebration on the road. You see, he was driving too fast, and so was I. He had good brakes and fast reflexes and so did I. So it was all very amicable – **not** – and we wished each other well with lots of finger and hand gestures.

All this because I was late for a client meeting. At least I thought I was. Waze got me there safely and on time. As I sat waiting with my colleague for the clients to arrive, and getting progressively antsy with their tardiness, I took a look at my calendar and saw that it was for 9h30. I had raced through the CBD, challenging minibus taxis not to cut in front of me with only a single a glare which had the drivers quaking in their boots and happily letting me through, thinking that it was at 9h00.

So it was a bonus to get there ahead of time and get my breath back. I, a Portuguese-South African, celebrated with a pizza and cappuccino afterwards in a lovely Italian bistro owned by a Greek couple.

Such is life in South Africa. It’s all very interesting it is.


4 thoughts on “What A Day! It Was Nice, Yes.”

  1. It happens here too – you have an Italian Restaurant owned by a Greek couple. We had an Italian Restaurant owned by a Frenchman, but now, an Italian owns a cafe/coffee shop called Brick Lane (a very London address). Happily, the coffee is of Italian, not English, standard 🙂

    1. Haha, we live in a connected world for sure.
      I agree on the coffee, Italian is good. I’m also a fan of coffee from Portugal, they also know how to make a great cup.

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