26 Weeks Letter Challenge: “G”

This week brings us the letter “G” – well, let me tell you that I had loads of photos saved with subjects all starting with the letter “G”, off course!

There were pics of goats, a gorgeous female ginger cat (very unusual I believe) and a guard of honour made by seagulls on the pier at Swakopmund. This last one was a bit blurry as I took it with my phone.

Despite the choice, I’ve decided to go with one subject though.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve included two pics of the same subject taken from two slightly different angles.

Entered in Lori’s 26 Weeks Letter Challenge – go on over to see other entries in this blogging event.

Another Rushed Day

I can hear the sounds of a lively group of people singing “Happy Birthday” from a few houses down. The roads are very narrow in this historical part of Lisbon and sounds carry in the quiet of the night.

The day was rushed and long. I did manage a lovely lunch with a friend at RTP and I had dinner at her house as well. She showed me a few of the studios and I snuck in a photo of the RTP Africa one that was about to go on air.

I had conversations with two taxi drivers, walked more than 10,000 steps (6,65kms), burned 1,866 calories and climbed 21 flights of stairs, all while taking loads of photos.

I took some photos of some of the gorgeous buildings at the Campus de Justiça – a government department campus where some courts are located. A security guard came out of one of them and politely told me to not take photos of the government buildings. I complied as  I forgot that most countries don’t like you to take photos of their government buildings. There are some countries that would’ve arrested me on the spot for doing that.

I have more errands to take care of tomorrow and I hope to be able to put my feet up as well, and maybe, just maybe, have time to download some of the pics I’ve taken and post them on this blog.

Until then…




Hello all, I’m on holiday and my intention is to blog as often as possible. I’m taking lots of pics and some of them will make it onto these pages.

I’m in Portugal and what’s playing havoc with my internal clock is the fact that the sun sets well after 20h30. Even in summer it is dark at this time in South Africa, so when it gets dark where I am now, I realise how late it is already.

I will post as often as I can – I did the WordPress Weekly Challenge – you can find it here. Hope you enjoy it.

©2016 Regina Martins
©2016 Regina Martins