Weekend Coffee Share: Where We Talk About Coffee, What Else?

If we were having coffee we’d talk about, well…, coffee! And coffee shops.

I received my coffee delivery this week, 12 packs of coffee from different regions. It’s a real treat and will last Che and I awhile. The coffee in the mornings has been sublime and with the blends we’re making…hmmmm….delicious, deep full bodied cups of enjoyment.

I’m the immediate gratification toast person, but this coffee is inspiring me and this morning my creativity turned to pancakes. I couldn’t find my usual recipe (on a piece of paper, who knows where it is, I thought it was tucked into another recipe book but alas, it wasn’t) and turned to google.

pancake - reginamartins.com

Off course, you’re having some too.

I’m fussy about coffee shops – I need to feel like I’m sitting in my own lounge rather than someone else’s dining room. A place with deep armchairs like the old Cafe de Paris or the Cafe Wien in Hillbrow, or even the old Mantovani at Eastgate.

chai tea float - reginamartins.comI say “old’ because I don’t know if the first two still exist. Mantovani has recently moved to the new part of Eastgate, they’ve remodelled and the armchairs are gone!

The one that comes close now is the Mugg and Bean at The Glen. I choose a place against the wall where the couch is and I work (and have coffee) in comfort and to my hearts content.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I blogged every day this week. I caught up on the 26 Weeks Letter Challenge (H, I, J and K in one post), wrote about the countless stairs of Lisbon in response to a WordPress one-word prompt and wondered about tipping in other countries. And a few others too. Based on my Jubilant post I’m seriously thinking about putting up a swing in my backyard.

Work is at good busy rate at the moment, and I’ll be doing some coaching in Durban and training in Cape Town in June and July.

With the weather cooling down I’ve become a bit hermit-like. On Thursday I went grocery shopping for the first time in a few weeks. We were running out of things like toilet paper so an effort to go to the supermarket was needed. I stretched it out as much as I could. I planned to go on Monday on my way home but the traffic was so heavy that all I wanted was to get home. Similarly for Tuesday and Wednesday. With the toilet paper situation becoming dire though, something had to be done.

If we were having coffee we’d says “cheers” now and agree to meet again next week.

Until then!




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