Weekend Coffee Share Where I’m Back Yes I Am (Aka 12 Days)

If we were having coffee we’d talk about 12 days. You know when you haven’t blogged for 12 days and you feel guilty but you can’t muster up the courage to start again because…because…hrmph!?

But you feel guilty, oh so guilty! And despite all the training you’ve done and all the stuff you know about how useless guilt is that you still feel it? Hrmphhhhhhhh…yes, welll…

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They (who’s they?) say that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. How long does it take to lose one? I have no clue and it could be a coincidence that 12 days is the inverse of 21 days if you swop the numbers around. Just saying *hashtag*.

No sympathy please, no sympathy. Really, yes, no sympathy!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I spent a glorious 2 weeks in Portugal, took loads of photos, experienced new things and learned a lot from people much smarter than me.

So it’s not like I have no material to write about.

Procrastination abounds and knows no bounds 🙂

Procrastination abounds and knows no bounds…

This weekend is the first one in a long time where I have, blissfully, nothing planned. Absolutely nothing but pyjama days as I soak up the weak rays of the sun trying to find warmth in our cool autumn and break the cycle of blogging procrastination. So, until next time I leave you with the following message:

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Weekend coffee share hosted by Diana from Part Time Monster. 

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