Thoughts On Handwriting

My writing changes depending on the time of day. Forward sloping, backward leaning, all caps or spidery if I’m writing in a hurry. At ‘varsity I learned how to write fast, trying in vain to capture every word the lecturers said. This was the way I understood. Still today, I need to write to better understand something.

I love note books and pens. At the moment I’m using an artist’s Moleskine with thick pages for thinking notes and drawings and an Eco Notebook for all other notes.

The Eco Notebook is my new favourite notebook – it’s made from “Sappi Triple Green paper is used during the responsible manufacturing process. This paper is made from sugar cane instead of trees which makes it a much more sustainable option. Sappi Triple Green Paper is also recyclable and biodegradable.” They’ve spent the last 17 years researching and manufacturing sustainable eco products.

The pages are satiny smooth and make for such a sensual writing experience that I can’t get enough of it. The notebooks are bound in synthetic leather in all colours of the rainbow. I’m so pleased that I can use a sharpie or other thick marker pen and it won’t bleed through to the other side of the page. And they’re proudly made in South Africa 🙂

My best blog posts are the ones that I handwrite first – in my Eco Notebook.

I wasn’t asked or paid to write this. I just love this awesome South African product.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts On Handwriting”

  1. In a drawing class in college, the teacher asked us to contemplate our handwriting. She said that, just like in drawing, each person would have a different way of drawing and that we should learn to embrace our differences and have fun with it. That was a real eye-opener for me because I always thought if my drawings didn’t look a certain way I wasn’t doing a good job. *shrugs*

    Good notebooks always make for a better writing/drawing experience! Glad you found some you love! 🙂

  2. I love pens and notebooks too. Such a lovely sensation, pen to paper. Thanks for the great reminder, Oh, and is your “proudly made in South Africa” notebook available in the U. S.?

    1. From what I can see they currently only ship within SA. Perhaps try contacting them to see if they’ll consider shipping to the US.

    1. Sometimes I get a little afraid of looking back in case I don’t like like what I read. I’ve had one or two cringe-worthy moments. Mostly it’s good though.

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