Help – Red Flag And Nerves Of Steel

Like clockwork traffic on the 4-lane road comes to a complete halt by 2 modern shepherds wielding red flags. It happens in the morning and again in the afternoon.

The sight of a herd running on the grassland on the side of the road is quite frightening when you see it for the first time. When they come to the stretch they use to cross they bunch up as they come to a stop.

Beware cattle crossing  ©2016 Regina Martins
Beware cattle crossing
©2016 Regina Martins

The shepherds then stop the traffic and the herd runs across. They are so used to doing this that there is no hesitation – they cross quickly, the whole procedure takes less than 3 minutes.

And they are on the other side... ©2016 Regina Martins
And they are on the other side…
©2016 Regina Martins

The 2 shepherds are the real heroes – to stop traffic on a road that is perfect for doing 140 kms per hour – they have nerves of steel. It’s only them on foot and their red flags as they help the herd across the road.

It’s rather fun living out where I do.


4 thoughts on “Help – Red Flag And Nerves Of Steel”

  1. I admire your outlook on life. So many people would see a situation like you describe as annoying and irritating… as a blatant invasion of their time which they feel is so valuable. You… on the other hand… look at the exact same situation and declare: “It’s rather fun living out where I do.”


  2. Beautiful!

    There is an exit in New Haven, CT that has “goose crossing”. I cannot help but laugh every time I have driven through there. I’ve never seen one hurt – they are nervy little things.

    1. Thank you! I love it… The other day a bunch of motorists brought the highway to a standstill because a gaggle of ducklings got caught in the middle island and couldn’t get to Mamma duck on the other side. Needless to say, it all ended well.

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