A-Z Challenge 2016 Theme Reveal

Well the time is here. Let me start off by saying that I entertained more than one theme for this year’s challenge. I found content for each letter of the alphabet. I even noted down bullet points explaining the reasons  for choosing that theme.

It will be about the rich characters and jaw dropping stories behind the historical facts. 

And it starts April 1st.

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I began light research on one of them. Then I admitted to myself that the best theme for me to write about is the one that I really know stuff about – not an expert – but have a pretty good idea what it is about.

Last year my theme was Lessons From Behind The Lectern – all about tips and tricks to speaking in public. This came easily to me because I’ve been a Toastmaster since 1997.

The themes I considered this year were:

  • Female superhero alter egos – many superhero characters weren’t born so, and we often forget the person behind the character. The “female” part came from the knowledge that everyone knows that Clark Kent is Superman but does everyone know that Isis is really Andrea Thomas, or most recently Adrianna Tomaz? I love comic books and it is a constant source of amazement how characters change – good characters become bad and vice versa. They are reborn, recast and go from one universe to another. I love it. So why is this not the theme this year? Simply because the superhero and comic book world is so complex and vast that I needed to start writing my posts (and reading the comic book series) last year already. I may still do this series on this blog as a stand alone feature.
  • A to Z of South African towns – I want to do this but only after I’ve visited them all. What better research than my own. I have homework to do.
  • A to Z of poetic devices, structures and techniques – I enjoy poetry and I got cold feet when I realised that I bit off more than I could chew when I realised that for the series to work I had to  write my own verse, or providing other poets’ examples of each technique. Again, I would’ve needed to have started this last year.

Which leads me to this year’s theme. It is a big theme. I know a lot about it, some of it off the top of my head because I studied it for many years at Portuguese school. For those stories that are fuzzy, I have my Mom to help – it’s her speciality as an academic specialising in Portuguese History and Literature. She’s already given me some ideas, and reminded me of others.

And now for this year’s theme…


Myths, stories and legends of Portugal’s History.

Myths, stories (1)

I promise that the ride will be exciting – there will be many battles, some love stories, a disappearing king and many rich characters – and how they contributed to shape contemporary Portuguese culture and identity.

It will be about the rich characters and jaw dropping stories behind the historical facts.

And it starts April 1st.

See you then.


18 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2016 Theme Reveal”

  1. I think that South African A to Z would be quite a challenge. Imagine doing it live!! Albetrina… Beaufort West… Cradock… or Cape Town, then… you’ll have to fly to Durban… Estcourt… F for??

    I could well plan an April tour for somebody!! 😉

  2. Oh I love history and legends but I’m sad to say I know very little about Portugal!! I’ll definitely be back to read your posts! Enjoy the Challenge 🙂


  3. I look forward to visiting your blog in April! I remember in kindergarten being taught counting to 10 in German, Spanish and Portuguese. Funny how your topic gave me that recall. 🙂

    1. I can count in Spanish as the language is close to the Portuguese language.
      I’m looking forward to sharing this info.
      See you here soon 🙂

    1. A lot of the blogs with Portugal as a theme are in Portuguese. Since I am fully bilingual, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share this theme in English 🙂

  4. I love history so I’m really looking forward to your posts, that one of a disappering king which sounds really interesting.

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