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What’s The Window To Your Story?

A window – that which you can look out of, and that which you can look into. Two sides of the same thing, transparent and oft-times mirroring our curiosity of what’s on the other side. Wishing and wondering about a different life maybe? Curious to see how someone else lives?

I remember a story I read as a child, a sad story. It’s the story of a poor little girl who roamed the streets with her parents. They had no jobs and they couldn’t afford to buy clothes to adequately clothe her for the icy winter chill.

One night, whilst walking to a place of shelter, she was drawn to a brightly lit window. Yellow light from inside pooled on the pavement, the warmth it promised inviting her to press her nose against the cold glass front.

Inside, the hearth blazed with inviting orange flames. In the centre of the room a table was laden with delicious food where another little girl sat, alone.

As the poor girl’s parents stood protectively on either side of her, the little girl inside the room looked out through the window with sadness in her eyes.

Each one of us has a story. Some people may seem better off than us but we are connected by our basic humanity. Rich, poor, educated or not, we feel the same emotions but we experience them in different ways.

What’s the window to your story?


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