“Hey babe, look here,” the ball-dribbler says as he dribbles the soccer ball expertly over the grass of the embankment, brown and brittle with winter dryness.

Cappuccino the Siamese cat and I watch from inside the warm lounge, entertained by the antics of the ball-dribbler. It’s frigid outside.

The splash catches us by surprise. Cappuccino the cat gets up in a flash and climbs through the open window to go and investigate.

Still confused, my jaw drops as I see the ball-dribbler hauling himself out of the pool, looking sheepish and surprised. He’s dripping from his cable knit sweater to his boots. It’s the middle of winter and the water is 13 degrees.

A miscalculated step – aka a misstep – has resulted in a drenching of ice cold proportions.

If you tell him that I told you this I’ll vehemently deny it.

True story.

bear grills misstep meme

Response to today’s WordPress one-word prompt – Misstep.


4 thoughts on “Misstep”

    1. Hehehe…We often still laugh about it. Not funny at the time though 🙂
      Needless to say, no more ball dribbling has happened in the back garden since then.

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