A Taste Revelation – Who Would’ve Thought?

“Oh please, oh please you’ve GOT to take the english cream,” she pleaded, her expression earnest, catching me by surprise, leaving me wondering what was so special about the english cream coffee bean, “…it’s my favourite. Here, taste one,” she enthused as she opened the tin and invited me to taste one.

“No,” I objected, “it’s hard, I don’t want to.” I’d never crunched into a coffee bean before and I had no idea how hard it would be or how bitter it would taste. And I wasn’t about to find out now. I was determined not to.

“Taste it, you’ll see,” she encouraged.

No wanting to disappoint her I took a bean, and a deep breath, popped it into my mouth, and allowed it to sit on my tongue whilst my taste buds acclimatised to the new sensation.

Carefully, I bit into it and to my utter astonishment it crumbled into creamy bitterness. It felt like a crouton and tasted like english cream liqueur with a tinge of bitterness.

“I’ll take it,” I said, not sure who was more surprised – me or her.

“Yay!” she said, her smile reaching her dark eyes, “…here, have a date, it will help sweeten the sensation.”

Coffee bean and a plump date, what a taste revelation.

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