When a brace of ducks – mamma-duck and her ducklings – decide to go for a walk in the middle of a Sunday afternoon it is inevitable that they are not allowed to do so in peace. As soon as I saw this happening, I knew what was coming.

Here come the ducks ©2016 Regina Martins
Here come the ducks
©2016 Regina Martins

They arrive, nonchalantly taking in the crowds. Mamma-duck doesn’t seem too worried and is even looking the other way, probably thinking that humans are very strange creatures indeed.

Walkies ©2016 Regina Martins
©2016 Regina Martins


Notice that the ducklings are padding away from mamma-duck.  But, all of a sudden she collects her brood as the humans realise what is in their midst and close in for a better look and a photograph or two.

Oh look! Ducks! ©2016 Regina Martins
Oh look! Ducks!
©2016 Regina Martins

Oh what next! A curious toddler decides to take a closer look and comes really close to the brace, enthusiastically trying to keep up with the ducks until Dad (his Dad) comes running to save him – or was he saving the ducks?

Ducks on their way ©2016 Regina Martins
Ducks on their way
©2016 Regina Martins

At this point mamma-duck decides to duck out of there to continue their walk in relative peace. Much to the disappointment of the cute curious toddler and the relief of his parents.

You could see this coming too couldn’t you?

In response to WordPress’s one-word writing prompt – Inevitable.


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