I Settled Into The Couch And Fell Asleep

The heat of the day brought with it a storm, blowing in dramatically in the otherwise still afternoon.

It came suddenly, the trees bending with the wind. The still surface of the pool moved in a mass of crystal clear water from one side to the other. Thunder started in the distance.

The cats high-tailed in through the open windows hiding under the table. If there is one thing to be learnt from cats is that as the world crashes around them, safety is to be found under the dining room table.

I heard a click…followed seconds later by a thunder clap overhead. I rushed to unplug sensitive electronics from the wall sockets. as the rain fell and blew in horizontal sheets to the violence of the wind.

As the drama played out on the other side of the big picture windows, I settled into the couch and fell asleep.


4 thoughts on “I Settled Into The Couch And Fell Asleep”

    1. That’s true yes 🙂
      I am used to thunderstorms, they can be a lot of fun, I like looking out of the window at them. Off course, I prefer to be at home when they come and not driving in my car 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!

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