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Three Things I Wish I Was Better At

I downloaded the Day One journalling app and have an alert set for 12h00 each day as a reminder to write something. This is to help me journal everyday and to help me get around the occasional case of writer’s block.

The app is delightful to use – the user interface is simple and clean, and provides writing prompts every day. Most days I battle with writing prompts because they don’t “talk” to me. Day One’s prompts however, inspire me each time.

Like today’s…what are the three things I wish I was better at. Keep reading for them…

The first thing I wish I was better at – the discipline to start something of a physical nature.

Once started I’m ok and can sustain it. It’s the starting part that I wish I was better at. Like getting into a cold pool – I get in via the stairs and brace myself for the cold. As I wince against the cool water on my warm skin I freeze. Off course the best is to just dive or jump in. So one of two things happen – I bail and get out of the pool, or I just take a breath and throw myself into the water. The initial shock is over before it started and once I’m in it’s easy.

Another example is when I’m on the verge of having to do something I signed up for with misgivings, but I signed up for it anyway. Go figure! Like the time I went sand-boarding in Namibia. I was initially excited but once I was on top of the dune looking down at the long steepness I was supposed to surf down I got cold feet. All sorts of thoughts went through my mind. How did I get myself into this? Can a helicopter please swoop down so that I can grab ahold of the landing gear and fly away? OMG, I’m out of here! But the thought of wasting money made me do it :-). It helped too that the attendant gave me a bit of a push and I was away down the slope. And I enjoyed it. Off course!

The second thing – meditating every day.

When I do it consistently it feels wonderful. But let me fall off the wagon and it takes me ages to get back on. Off course the trick is not to fall off in the first place…

And the third thing – I want to be more mindful about my photography.

I want to improve two things about my photography. I’ve mentioned on this blog before that I am not a bold photographer. I play it safe and it shows in the subject matter. It’s not terribly exciting. I want to hang off bridges and take just that shot…yip seriously. The second aspect is to develop the patience for just the right moment to capture a photo that is unique. I tend to just snap away and play the numbers game – I snap away and hope that out of 100 photos 10 will be good. Pretty random.


The Day One app is rather cool. I’m enjoying it.

"Every person should keep a journal and every person can keep a journal."  - Spencer W. Kimball

Tell me, other than a blog, if you have one, do you keep a journal and does it help you with blogging?


4 thoughts on “Three Things I Wish I Was Better At”

  1. Hi Regina,
    Thank you for sharing the One Day app idea it sounds very inspiring,like you I find the daily prompts repitative sometimes. Is this app only availlable on Mac devices?
    I have kept journals for the most part of my life as my way of reflecting on how God works in my life.I buy journalling notebooks and wake up every morning at 5:00am every day unless I am ina place where it is not convinient. I start each day with a quiet time with God.It is my journalling which motivated me to blog. My journal entries have not gone into my blogs yet my idea is to write a book on the story of my life. Blogging has become the stepping stone to that direction, I feel I need to develop my writing skills first before attempting the book project. Thank you once again for your post it has given me some ideas.

    1. Hi Mabel, I think the app is only for Mac.
      I have been not consistent with journalling as regularly as you as it becomes difficult to introspect and write it down for me.
      It’s a great habit that you have to journal each morning. Blogging is definitely a good intro intro a book project. I look forward to reading it.

  2. Amazing how inertia can make getting back on track so hard! Drug my daughter years ago to my month free at a gym to get the ball rolling and have company in the process. Helped me keep going once she went off to college.

    1. I’m hoping to get to the gym this week…but then again I’ve been having the same hope since December 🙂
      Why is it so easy to fall into entropy and not the inverse?

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