Random Thoughts On Christmas Trees

Is it weird that Che and I don’t put up a Christmas tree? Well, sometimes we do…the last time was two-years ago. Each time we do we love it and ask ourselves why we don’t do it every year.

I remember a humongous real Christmas tree at our family home in Mozambique complete with candles, lights and tinsel. I remember its “piny” smell. Year after year it was piled high with a treasure trove of wrapped presents. It was at the foot of this tree that I disappointed my Grandmother.

When no one was looking I used to crawl around the tree looking for my gifts hoping to figure out what they were (I know, weird, like reading the ending of a book before chapter 1 – there was a time I did this…).

Well, my Gran caught me in the act – I looked up at her startled and the hurt and disappointment I saw in her eyes broke my heart. She scolded me but that was not nearly as painful as seeing her hurt and disappointed. It was the last time I did something like that.

My folks put up their tree every year – the green artificial tree they had and which we decorated when we still lived at home was replaced with a fibre-optic one (they’ve taken the easy way out :-)) which is now decorated by the grandkids. Since that’s where we always spend Christmas Eve, it’s only fitting that they have one.

My sister has a humongous Christmas tree which she and my niece lovingly decorate with ornaments new, old and hand-made.  And it’s just as well since we’re spending Christmas Day there.

So it seems that the only impetus for me and Che to put up a tree is to host the family Christmas at our home. Next year.

I love the twisted wire and beaded Christmas trees sold at street markets. These don’t need decorating because they come with beautiful beaded ornaments. I think I like these the best.

christmas tree ornament 1 - reginamartins.comI found a single ornament when my Mom and I cleared my Grandmother and Uncle’s flat in Lisbon last year. It’s store bought and beautiful because it belonged to them. This one I will treasure because it carries meaning for me. It will go up on our tree next year.

Even if it’s a twisted wire beaded one.

I’m not opposed to having a Christmas tree and acknowledge that if Che and I had kids we’d put one up every year. I confess to loving reading my fellow bloggers and FB friends talk about their trees and seeing photos of them – I’m living this aspect vicariously through them.

I love Christmas – Boney M Christmas songs playing in the malls, houses decorated with lights, Santa Claus figures and sleighs, but most of all I love the time spent with family.

Family – this is what Christmas means to me.


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