The Frozen Sea Within Us?

Franz Kafka believed that reading books that wound and stab us will melt the frozen sea within us to connect us with our soul.

I agree that books have the power to move people physically and emotionally. Some do sting and others do wound as beliefs are changed and values are questioned. I wouldn’t go as far as to assert that everyone has a frozen sea within them but then again I may not be quite getting what he’s trying to say. Not everyone lives in existential crisis mode all the time.

I love books, their smell, texture and the feel of them in my hand. Reading takes me to a different world, a safe world populated by transient imaginings. It opens up vistas and viewpoints. They comfort me. Drawn to books like a bee to honey I often buy them to own them and read at a later stage when I’m ready for the message contained within its pages.

Each time I re-read a book, it’s a different book because I’m a different person to the one who originally read it. So it might disappoint on a second reading, or it might delight for the first time.

Other books I keep as references, reading an excerpt here and a chapter there, pulling in its knowledge and wisdom as I need it, when I need it, without reading it in its entirety.

So I don’t agree wholly with Franz Kafka – the sea is not frozen within me – it is flowing, churning and toiling. Shallow and deep. Dynamic all the time. And books must be the touch that tickles the imagination.

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6 thoughts on “The Frozen Sea Within Us?”

  1. Hi Regina,

    I love reading books but not as much as you do. As far as message in the books are concerned. Sometimes, it can be difficult to grasp the message of author in one go and in this case it is better to re-read the book for understanding the message in a better and clear way. Our emotions also play a big role in deciding what we are going to understand in something we read or are going to read.
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    1. Hi Bharat,

      I agree 100% with you – our emotions do play a role; and that we do need to re-read books more than once to understand them better. Some books I want to re-read all the time; for others once is enough.

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