WordPress Weekly Photo: Now

Thunder crashes in the distance, the sounds reaching me in the hot almost-still night, broken, also, by the constant chirping of the crickets. The storm is still far away. It may come this way. Or it may pass overhead, its bark worse than its bite. This is my favourite time of the year.

A storm is coming ©2015 Regina Martins
A storm is coming
©2015 Regina Martins

WordPress weekly photo challenge is NOW.

Lest We Forget…

I’m an unashamed reader of signs in public rest rooms. They are an insight into the organisation which put them up. This one is humbling in its message. Lest we forget…let us remember the following…especially the 2nd bullet point under Info:

"Please therefore be mindful that the person hired to clean these facilities might just be a cleaner to you, but to others he/she is a wife/husband, mother/father, friend, sister/brother, daughter/son, partner and colleague."

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