Weekend Coffee Share: Views And Sunsets

It’s been a while since we’ve had coffee, the desire was there, the time was scarce. November 8th was the last time we had coffee and I didn’t even ask how things were going with you. I hope they’re going well. There’s a good chance that I will not be able to visit your coffee posts this week again…I have an early morning tomorrow and still lots of preparation to do.

If we were having coffee we’d talk about the comfortable guesthouse I’ve been staying at in Noordhoek. It’s beautiful out there and I can understand why people withstand the long and congested commute to work just to live there. The sunsets have been spectacular.

They are deceptive in that my body clock is conditioned to sunsets between 18h00 and 19h00 in the evening. In Cape Town it sets much later. When I realise the time it’s already too late to do anything that I would normally do at home, like blogging, hence the paucity of posts. I know that what I have been writing has not been the best and I’m not expressing myself well.

I’ve been staying at a comfortable guesthouse called Makapa Lodge – the owners, Ian and Margaret, are friendly and hospitable – I want to go back there, this time for a holiday. It has lingering views over Noordhoek all the way to the beach in the far distance. The rooms are spacious with all the amenities I needed.

My foot is healing nicely and the physiotherapist said that all the walking I did in Berlin was the best thing for it. It swells when I fly and because I spend most of the days standing my feet do get sore. The good news is that I will be able to wear my heels soon.

If we were having coffee I’d leave you with the view I had for a few days whilst working in Cape Town.

View from one of windows I looked out ©2015 Regina Martins
View from one of windows I looked out
©2015 Regina Martins

See you next week!

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