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Who’s Really Gaining From Black Friday?

It’s crazy at the shops today. It’s Friday. Black Friday! And this country at the tip of Africa, has adopted this American tradition!

It’s a recent tradition. Four years ago I experienced Black Friday in and US. Since then, I’ve noticed South African retailers have adopted this. Maybe they had already adopted this before then and I just hadn’t noticed. It’s an opportunistic time of the year for retailers.

The deals aren’t nearly as good as the ones I saw in the US even though a popular supermarket chain did markdown their nappies and washing powder by 50% and these products flew off their shelves.

But is Black Friday about getting nappies and washing powder at half-price? Or is it about getting good deals on products that normally are expensive like appliances and other electronic goods?

To be honest, I stay away from this type of commercialisation. We’ve got Christmas just around the corner.

We live in South Africa. It’s a very different place to the US. Before you hop on the Black Friday bandwagon, consider carefully who’s really gaining.


2 thoughts on “Who’s Really Gaining From Black Friday?”

  1. Well said Regina retailers are forever coming up with different ideas to get people to spend money. My questiona is how does one tell how much the product was before the marked up price which appears on the so called black Friday?
    Certainly it is the retailers who gain its a new gimick of advertising to get people to shop. I went into town yesterday not to shop for an appointment, for some reason I went into a department store and ended up buying something which I had not planned to buy. The best thing to do is to stay away from shops and avoid being caught up in the frenzy of shopping.

    1. Thank you Mabel!
      When I was younger I really enjoyed going to the shops and buying stuff. Now you literally have to pay me to go shopping 🙂
      At the beginning of the year retailers start advertising Valentine’s Day, then Easter, then Christmas in July, Women’s Day, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas again…oh it carries on…I’m probably not their most popular customer.

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