Berlin Edition #3: The Psssssst…off one!

Yes you read it right. I don’t use strong language on this blog, so I hope you’ll appreciate my use of the English language to couch the actual colloquial term.

I want a local pre-paid SIM card for my phone. I want to Instagram and Facebook anytime I want without using data roaming which costs a fortune. I can’t find a pre-paid SIM card! So I am psssssst-off!

I’ve been to 5 places, one of which was a Vodafone shop. No cards. They’ve run out of them. It’s like there’s been a run on them.

Now here’s why I’m suspicious. One or two places I can believe that they would’ve run out of them. But FIVE??! No man! I think I’m being duped! What do you think?

And my favourite photo taken today…I love the colour and the composition. The composition is untouched, i.e. no cropping. The colour was enhanced with the Drama filter on Snapseed.

Berlin wall and scooter ©2015 Regina Martins
Berlin wall and scooter
©2015 Regina Martins

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2 thoughts on “Berlin Edition #3: The Psssssst…off one!”

  1. I can identify with the feelings of frustration, which tends to happen when you are a foreigner. I hope you did manage to get that sorted out. Love the photo.

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