Berlin Edition #2: The Brrrr One

Today was conference day 1. I had great company on a brrrrracing walk to Pirates Berlin about 20 minutes from the hotel. I’m ecstatic to be walking the streets of this city. Those who’ve been coming by this space know that I love cities. Each are vibrant in their unique way, so to compare them is counterproductive so I will not do any such thing.

Right in front of the conference venue are remains of the Berlin Wall. I will take better photos on Saturday. For today, I played it safe and stayed indoors in the toasty warm venue. Like yesterday the skies are blue so the afternoon wasn’t rainy. No complaints from me there.

Remnants of the Berlin Wall ©2015 Regina Martins
Remnants of the Berlin Wall
©2015 Regina Martins

Below is the Oberbaum Bridge linking Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, “former boroughs that were divided by the Berlin Wall, and has become an important symbol of Berlin’s unity.”

Oberbaum Bridge  ©2015 Regina Martins
Oberbaum Bridge
©2015 Regina Martins

That’s it for today. Take care. Until tomorrow…

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2 thoughts on “Berlin Edition #2: The Brrrr One”

  1. Hi Regina,
    It looks like you had a good time in Berlin, followed al your posts but was busy and never seem to get time to blog. I have not posted on my blog for a week . The photographs of parts of the city are beautiful.

    1. Hi Mabel, thanks so much for you comments, I appreciate them 🙂
      I have not blogged in a week so I am resuming today. I really must schedule my posts so that there is something published daily even when I am not able to blog.

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