Weekend Coffee Share: Why Falling Asleep On The Couch Is Not A Good Idea!

We’re having coffee this week and it’s still in time for the linky!

If we were having coffee we’d talk about why falling asleep on the couch is not a good idea! On Thursday last, I got up off the couch to go to bed, sleepy still, and didn’t realise that my foot was still “asleep” too! I put my weight on it to take a step forward and it suddenly folded under me…I thought I heard a “crack” sound. I duly went into mild shock, probably due to a mixture of physical trauma and panic.

That wasn’t lekker. When my body stabilised I assessed the situation and decided that it didn’t warrant going to the emergency room straight away and went to the doctor in the morning.

A couple of x-rays later and…no breaks or fractures, rather a bad foot sprain. A break or sprain would have been a real bummer since I’m travelling to Berlin tomorrow night. I’m taking an anti-inflammatory and I’ll also get arnica oil tomorrow to massage into the foot.. I’ve also pre-booked seats with more leg room.

I’ve kept my foot elevated as much as possible and dunked it in the cold water of the pool a few times a day (which was great for cooling down too) which has resulted in the swelling going down. It’s still a bit blue in between the toes and on the side but I’m able to walk on it and the limp is not so bad.

So there you have it – the reason why falling asleep on the couch is not a good idea!

If we were having coffee we’d also talk about my upcoming trip to Berlin. I’ve never been there and I’m excited to see a new city and explore it in the extra day and a bit that I’m spending there. There’s so much recent history there that I want to do all that touristy stuff first.

If we were having coffee we’d also talk about the hot hot weather. I love hot weather so I’m not complaining. However…some other areas of the country have been declared drought disaster zones, those being Kwazulu Natal and the Free State. We’ve had strong hot wind storms and no rain in Gauteng.

In Cape Town however, there is rain and wind, and flood warnings for low lying areas have been issued. Snow on the mountains as far as the Drakensberg is expected. These weather extremes are worrisome. Some people say it’s El Nino, which has also affected North America. To my North American friends, are you also  experiencing unseasonal weather?

If we were having coffee we’d call it a day now and promise to catch up at the same time same place next week. Have a great week everyone!

PS: There’s a mozzie flying around me and it’s really bugging me. Time to incense-smoke it away.

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17 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Why Falling Asleep On The Couch Is Not A Good Idea!”

  1. Regina, I really feel for you with the foot. I did the same thing myself and that was just a sprain but I broke my foot last year and spent 3 months in a boot.
    I spent a week in Berlin back in 1992 and stayed in what had been an East Berlin Student house with student from the East. The wall hadn’t been down long and unification was fresh and so it was fascinating. I’ve been thinking I’ll have to blog about that trip.
    I’m joining you for a coffee from just North of Sydney Australia. It’s been quite hot lately although it’s back to rain and fog today. I’ve heard similar weather predictions here. I’m not sure whether it was El Nino or Nina. If the weather forecasters can’t get it right, what hope do I have?
    Look forward to reading about your trip and some photos please! Maybe we’ll be having a Hot Chocolate with cream next catch up. They were big in Germany when I was there and I was big when I left!
    xx Rowena
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    1. Hi, I’m glad it was just the sprain, it can’t be fun spending time with a boot. My foot is turning funky shades of blue and yellow, not all in one go but each day there is new colour! I’m staying on the east side of Berlin and I had lunch today with a colleague who talked about what she was doing and where she was when the wall came down – fascinating! I hope I can see a bit of the wall, I’m think there’s still a section up. I’ll go and look on Saturday. I’ll be posting some pics a bit later. I love stories and would enjoy reading about the story of your trip to Berlin… I’ve found a coffee place, I’ll go in and see if they have hot chocolate with cream 🙂
      Imagine, yesterday I was in hot weather and today I’m in cold…

  2. That first photo of your foot…well that’s how my feet (both of them) swell when I travel. Even a three or four hour drive or flight will have my feet looking like that which makes it hard to walk because my ankle can’t move. I’m glad yours is only temporary!

    Enjoy your trip to Berlin! How exciting! Come back and tell us about it!
    Corina recently posted…Ugh!My Profile

    1. I don’t enjoy cold weather at all. Fortunately in Joburg it’s only cold for a couple of months a year. Thanks and hope you have a wonderful week too!

  3. Sorry to hear about your little mishap,I hope you get better in time for your trip to Berlin. You will love the city especially with your camera, I went there for a conference I had just a couple of hours before flying back I loved what I was able to see. So make sure you look after your foot for that trip.
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