Weekend Coffee Share: In Which I’m Wondering What’s Become Of The Sheep!

If we were having coffee we’d have a laugh at the sheep saga! Yesterday I mentioned in the post Where Else Would Your Neighbours Keep Sheep In Their Yards, being startled at the baaaa’ing of a single sheep coming from one of the neighbours’ yards. Well, I must report to you, that from on yesterday evening I didn’t hear any sheep sounds – they just stopped!

As of this moment the next door neighbours are having a braai! But all I smell is chicken and not mutton or lamb. I wonder what’s become of this creature.

Che has been working in the garage and he’s just come in to check that I’m ok. He says he heard a yell, it sounded like a sports supporter yell but he just wanted to check in any case. All I’m thinking about is the sheep…

If we were having coffee I’d ask you if you read my post South Africa, My House, My Home – Proudly ZA? I rather pleased with the way it came out. The Bokke won their match yesterday and all that could be heard up and down the street were the yells of people watching the match.

If we were having coffee we’d remark on the wonderful hot weather we’ve been having. The flies and the mosquitoes are about, a sure sign that summer has skipped over spring and arrived without any ceremony! No complaints from this quarter.

Talking about flies, Che is convinced that the fly swatter is a double agent working for the flies themselves because it never seems to find its mark. I don’t like fly swatters – I have visions of fly germs flying all over the kitchen as it’s being swatted. What does happen though is that as soon as the swatter comes out the flies scram outside. Maybe that’s why it never finds its mark because the flies are so fast and by the time is comes down the flies have long gone. So that in itself is good isn’t it? It doesn’t confirm either way whether they’re double agents or not though.

If we were having coffee I’d remark that I almost went for a swim yesterday but was quickly dissuaded when I heard our close neighbours yell as they got into their pool for the first time this season. The weather is hot but the pool water is still a bit frigid.

If we were having coffee we’d talk about the plans for my birthday celebration. It’s going to be a small one and it’s in 3 weeks time – trust me to leave things ’till the last minute. You’re invited off course. I’ll post photos of the cake on that weekend’s coffee share.

Well, that’s it for now. There are more coffee shares to be found here.  Also visit Diana at Part Time Monster who hosts this blogging linkup.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: In Which I’m Wondering What’s Become Of The Sheep!”

  1. I feel baaa-d for the missing sheep! Keep us posted. We found these very handy clear plastic sheets at the store that have a single sticky line to stick to the window and then you pull of the other side once attached which is all sticky, Great fly and gnat and other type of flying insect catcher! We’re in mourning, though, because the store no longer carries them. Guess changing from summer to fall caused them to pull the item. Waaaaa!

    1. No sounds of sheep since so I must conclude that it’s become dinner.
      I’ve heard of that type of sticky paper, I’m going to see if I can get it, sounds better than the fly swatter.

    1. Incidentally, and not a deliberate pun on the your word “fan”, but I believe that fans or aircons keep them away. It’s not common for South African houses to be built with climate control, but a ceiling fan is easily installed. That may be what I do this summer. It’s been very hot and still this week so far.

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