Who Takes Photos Of You?

Today was a beautiful Spring day, hot and fragrant with the scent of jasmine and yesterday-today-tomorrow flowers. As I type, the scent comes in through the open windows.

That’s all I have for today, so I’ll leave you with a rare photo of me, taken by Che. Because I’m the one usually behind the camera there aren’t many of me. Ironically, this one is of me taking a photo.

I was fascinated by the old planes at Rand Airport, presumably parked there for repairs.

If you’re constantly taking photos, who takes photos of you?

©2015 Regina Martins
©2015 Regina Martins


6 thoughts on “Who Takes Photos Of You?”

  1. Living on my own does get complicated sometimes as there is no other person to take photos of me. It is alright with me as I enjoy taking photos of things I like. Once in a while when I am with friends I will have photos taken of me.
    Thanks to your hubby for taking this one of you busy doing what you enjoy having fun with your camera.
    Mabel Rudo Nyazika recently posted…Unrealistic expectationMy Profile

    1. I got a selfie stick and I played around with it yesterday and was quite pleased with the results. I think this is going to do the trick 🙂 , maybe it will do the trick for you too.
      I complained to my hubby the other day that no one ever takes photos of me, and he took some, but I didn’t like them 🙂 – he’s go try harder 🙂

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