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Night And Day

One thing that was drummed into me at university was that, unlike the natural sciences, human sciences is not an exact thing. People can’t be predicted to behave in the same way under the same conditions at different times. Nor will different people behave in the same way under the same conditions as someone else.

As human we’re dynamic. We’re constantly changing. On average, we change states every 90 seconds. As such we’ll go through many states during the course of a single day, from happiness to confusion to frustration…and so on. These influence how we experience things.

We’re constantly learning and adapting. We take input from our environment and adapt to the changing circumstances subconsciously. It’s how we survive.

Is it any wonder then that when we experience something for the second time, it is never as the first time? It’s useless to expect something to be same, because we’ve changed in the meantime. We’re different.

I remember the first time I visited my Grandmother and Uncle in Portugal. I was 23-years old and spent the most amazing six weeks of summer parties, lazing on the beach and midnight conversations with my Grandmother.

When I returned home, to South Africa, all I wanted to do was relocate. My parents kept saying that a summer holiday is not indicative of what it’s like to live in a place. I didn’t end up relocating to Portugal but I did and still return there from time to time.

Each time is different and each time is never like that first idyllic summer.

All experiences are amazing in their unique ways.


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  1. Very well put as always Regina, totally agree with you that any experience can never be the same second time round and can never be recreated again. Thank you.
    P/S sorry that things are not going as you would have wanted for the Springboks hopefully they will manage toturn around their game.
    Mabel Rudo Nyazika recently posted…Home is where………..My Profile

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