Weekend Coffee Share: New Course And Reason To Travel

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that this was another low-key week. I managed to blog every day, it’s amazing how effortless it’s becoming.

I met a friend for lunch on Friday and she told me about a course she’s enrolled in. It sounded so good and just like something I’d like to do that I enrolled for it too.

It will support the work I want to do. The course is by EdX, which is governed by MIT and Harvard and is called   U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self. This is the course description:

“We live in a time of disruptive change, one that requires a new collective leadership capacity. In this groundbreaking course, we invite you on a journey to see the world in new ways and practice a method that allows leaders, entire organizations, and larger social systems to connect with and actualize their highest future possibility. In U.Lab you will learn Theory U, an approach to leading profound change that has been developed by action researchers at MIT, and practiced by leaders around the world, for over 20 years. You will apply this method to a challenge, issue, or system that matters to you, and “explore the future by doing” by developing a prototype initiative that connects the personal, relational, and systemic dimensions of change.”

Exciting stuff!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I feel that my blogging is becoming more authentic, and maybe that’s why it seems to be coming effortlessly now. Now, I’m talking about the content here, the actual writing (and photography) can improve.

I entered my usual favourite photo challenges – I’m digging into my archives for these and I’ve almost exhausted them. As I go through each photo I realise that I’ve already posted it, in another challenge with another theme.

This is surely a message to get out there and take more photos. Get out of my comfort zone. Or go on a round-the-world trip. That’s reason enough to travel isn’t it?

Well, I’m off now, to catch up on blog reading. Until next week. In the meantime, why don’t you visit Diana at Part Time Monster who hosts this weekly blog hop. Click here to see others’ weekend coffee shares.




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  1. I have to get out and take some pictures, too. I should do it soon, too because our rainy season is about to begin and once that starts, it’s tough to get out and take pictures and not get the camera all wet! But yes, getting out to take some pictures sounds good to me.
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