I Wish I Was A Cat!

I got home today and immediately started catching up on blog reading. Half-way through (it’s arduous stuff, reading blogs) I decided to close my eyes and just take a short nap, just 5 minutes.

I woke up two hours later, feeling punch drunk and wondering what had happened. Now I am writing this – this prompt has played right into my hands. Or maybe it was me who played right into the prompt’s hands? Which came first, the nap or the prompt? Hmmm…I detect the power of suggestion at play here!

Dinner is late by two hours! Two whole hours! And we are two-hours late watching in The X-Files reruns (we’re on season 2 now).

The last time I felt truly rested…I can’t remember! I try to cram as much into a 24-hour period as I can.

I get that it’s not just sleep that plays a role in feeling rested. It’s a combination of good quality sleep, managing stress-levels and balancing out work and play.

It should be so easy – divide the day into three 8-hour slots: 8-hours for work, 8-hours for family/study/play and 8-hours for sleep. They should teach this in school (maybe they do already, I must’ve missed the lesson). The trick to this is to go to bed in the same day that you woke up on. And this is what I am not getting right. That, and going away every weekend to the beach.

I wish I was a cat, whose job is to eat and sleep all day! Then I would remember when the last time was that I felt rested. It would be just today.

WordPress daily writing prompt: When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?

4 thoughts on “I Wish I Was A Cat!”

    1. I wish I could do power naps at work, but I suspect my bosses would object :-). It would certainly solve the mid-afternoon slump. Sometimes I think the siesta is something that must be part of company policy 😉

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