WordPress Weekly Photo: Today Was A Good Day

Sitting in the sun reading a good book.

Sitting in the sun... © Regina Martins
Sitting in the sun…
© Regina Martins


...reading a good book... © Regina Martins
…reading a good book…
© Regina Martins


Feedback on using Mesh:

I played around with Mesh, created a small gallery. I created a larger one of our weekend away last week and it contained about 30 photos. I eventually ended up deleting this one because every time I scrolled through, some of the photos didn’t appear immediately. Perhaps there is a limit on the amount of photos it can handle? Below is a list of the other issues I encountered.

  1. Firstly it seems to be bandwidth intensive and everything else on the network slowed down as the photos were downloading.
  2. To see the whole photo you have to be in the thumbnail view; the gallery view zooms on the photos too much that it detracts from them.
  3. I couldn’t find the feature to add words or captions to the photos (iOS app).
  4. At one stage it bumped me off the app, and another time I got a beautiful white screen which didn’t reset until I deleted the app and downloaded it again.

Here is the Mesh gallery of the above two photos.

In response to WordPress weekly photo challenge theme Today Was A Good Day.


4 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo: Today Was A Good Day”

    1. I also prefer the way the galleries are tiled and the pics can be seen at once. I may try Mesh again, although it’s not something that is top of mind.

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