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Weekend Coffee Share: My Meme Week


If we were having coffee I’d be gushing about how nicely the weather is turning out! Spring is finally here and I’m so chuffed! I’ve mentioned before how I feel the need to hibernate during winter. Every time spring comes along I feel like I’m opening up again. I get the urge to start cooking and keeping the house clean LOL!

I managed to blog every day this past week, and resorted to a stream of consciousness post on Friday. On the events front last week was pretty low key.

I wasn’t diligent about visiting blogs, please accept my apologies for that. The plan is to catch up today. I also need to put together my presentation for the Scrum User Group of South Africa gathering in October. This is the second time I’m speaking, I did my first speaking engagement at the same gathering last year. I’m speaking on the anti-patterns of Agile leaders. If you’re interested, this link will take you to my abstract, The Spiderman Antidote To The Anti-Patterns Of Agile Leaders.

I didn’t take many photos last week. I did enjoy and shared a few memes though – scroll through the slideshow below and off-course, the one at the beginning of this post. They don’t all have attributions, all I can say is that they are not mine. I also had my first hand at creating one of my own, which I used in yesterday’s post, I’m Different, Just Like Everyone Else.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m looking forward to this coming week because I know that it will be more interesting than this past week. Until then, have an awesome week ahead!

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: My Meme Week”

  1. Coffee Share what is better than that, can’t imagine a life without coffee! The weather is at least here really nice so I am gushing about how good it is and its still not too hot for Coffee!

  2. I could not open your photographs, I know it is not from your side but mine I will keep trying, I am only jealousthat you all in the southern hemisphere are looking forward to winter. It has not been a great summer here in the U.K. it was ll rain and now we slowly approaching the autumn ( not sure about the spelling though) then winter again when the days are shorter and shorter.
    Mabel Rudo Nyazika recently posted…Obsession with everything InstantMy Profile

    1. I hope you’ve managed to open the photos, let me know if not in case it is my side. I like clear weather, if it rains too much I don’t like it. I hope the UK winter will not be too cold this year. The winter here was not as cold as previous ones.

    1. Thanks Diana! Agile is slowly transforming the way people work and it’s very exciting. I hope you found a good source for what Agile is. I didn’t think of explaining it in the post, perhaps I should have.

  3. I’m so chuffed! Never heard of it, but figure ‘psyched’ or the blah word ‘excited’ might have same meaning. Love it!

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