Stream of consciousness #2 – the preparation game

Only five minutes today, the stream of consciousness is…

I spent the last two days training and it really took it out of me. Training usually does and carries with it the anxiety that comes with hoping that I’m able to explain a concept in such a way that it is understood by all. It requires a lot of preparation work and this week I was not as prepared as I wanted to be. Every hour of training or facilitating a workshop, requires a minimum of an equivalent hour of preparation. At least. Ideally double the time of the workshop should go into preparing. So if a session or workshop is eight hours then preparation should be at least eight hours. I strive for this. I don’t always get it right. This preparation invariably happens in my time, after work, because sometimes there is just no time to prepare at work. As a coach and consultant my work place is the client’s workplace and often the environment is not conducive to being able to focus. In spite of that I wouldn’t swap what I’m doing now with anything. The learning is mine to be had – becoming efficient at the preparation game is what I’m aiming for.

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