Cee’s Which Way Challenge Week #33: Signs in Afrikaans and English

This past weekend spent with my family at Klein Kariba resort in Bela Bela provided much opportunity for photographing signs. Some are funny, others informational and written in Afrikaans and English. I also used it as an opportunity to use Hisptamatic. I’m still getting used to the lens/film combinations, and I love the way they are so neat with a frame and clear too.

The resort is a child friendly and safe place, where motorists have to be careful of children playing in the streets. In the background is Che and our nephew on a long walk to the lake. We could hardly keep up with his 6 year old legs! He was a grumpy little boy when we didn’t find Dad, Mom and Grandpa at the lake (I really thought they were there playing with the radio controlled boat). No editing on this photo. I didn’t want to crop it because I like the figures of Che and my nephew in the background.

Children playing in the street © Regina Martins
Children playing in the street
© Regina Martins

The informational sign below taken with Hipstamatic, Buckhorst H1 lens/Ina’s 1969 film combination.

Information Centre © Regina Martins
Information Centre
© Regina Martins

Sign outside the shop door inviting people to enter but to keep the door closed on account of the vervet monkeys who come in and wreak mayhem with the supplies. Taken and edited with Instagram.

You're very welcome to come in, door closed to prevent the monkeys from coming in © Regina Martins
You’re very welcome to come in, door closed to prevent the monkeys from coming in
© Regina Martins

A reminder of the 2014 floods. We had been there in January and the floods happened a month or so later. There was a lot of rain that year and the town of Bela Bela also flooded completely. In the case of Klein Kariba, the pressure of the water broke the dam wall, and a wall of water came rushing downstream. It flooded the restaurant and crashed into the indoor pool killing an elderly couple. It was devastating, most of the resort was under water. Later that same week another wall of water came crashing down. Huge boulders still strew the river bed. Rehabilitation work is almost completed. The dam, which had been created for the pleasure of the guests is no more because it prevented the natural course of the river to flow. The river banks have been enlarged and reinforced to accommodate a large amount of water. The lake has shrunk with the huge sandbanks that the floods left in their wake. I’m not sure if that is going to be dredged. Even though the lake is smaller it is still beautiful. The sign in the photo below, by the restaurant balcony, is a reminder of the how high the waters came that year.

Flood line 2014 © Regina Martins
Flood line 2014
© Regina Martins

Entered in this week’s Cee’s Which Way Challenge week #33. Click on the link to see Cee’s wonderful photos and other entrants in this week’s challenge.

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