Weekend Coffee Share: Confessions Of A Warmth-Seeker (Some)

If we were having coffee we’d remark at how this week my blogging took place on even-numbered days: the 4th, 6th, 8th and now the 10th. Completely unplanned because the intention is always to blog daily. It was another uneventful week on the blogging front. I felt uninspired, and the words got stuck in between my brain and my fingers lying motionless on the keyboard.

Winter is starting to weigh down on Che and me. I know I’ve had enough when I start to look forward to getting into bed, pre-warmed by the electric blanket sometime in the early afternoon. My mood is best described as grumpy. In the ideal world I would crawl into a hole and hibernate for three months, emerging refreshed into the new spring. Talking about spring, it is three weeks away.

I’m missing being in Portugal this year. I want nothing more than to escape to the European summer, walk through the streets of Lisbon which are alive with people and music until late at night and shop for funky stuff. I miss the sights, sounds and smells, the taste of the food and how the balmy weather feels on my bare skin. The timing wasn’t right due to me starting a new job in April, and my Mom working on a project until November. By then Europe will be going into winter and I don’t want to be there then.

It was a busy week for me. On Monday night Che and I attended Alberton Toastmasters’ committee meeting. We were out at night and got home late (brrrrr…). On Thursday night we had a normal meeting of the club, another brrrr evening. On Wednesday night I went into company HQ for an evening meeting, and battled traffic home, brrrr…

Today was Women’s Day and because it fell on a Sunday tomorrow is a public holiday. I have designated it pyjama day where I will lie in the sun inside my lounge and probably catch up on blog visiting. There will be copious amounts of coffee, that goes without saying.

If we were having coffee I’d gush about how in love I am with my new 50mm lens (1.8). It’s an amazing lens and I know that my photography is going to get better. I can feel it. Remember I mentioned in a previous coffee meeting that I am not bold photographer? Well, I know this lens is going to make me one. I took some stunning portraits of my family today and I am amazed at the results!

As to the theme of my blog I’m not so sure about it anymore. I played around with other themes but they don’t feel right. I really like The Triton Lite theme but it’s not available to wordpress.org users only wordpress.com. So I’m looking for a similar theme.

In the meantime, this is it for today. It was fun, albeit a bit low-key today. I feel like I’m slowly starting to enliven as we march into spring. The sun and the heat do it for me.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Confessions Of A Warmth-Seeker (Some)”

  1. Sorry to hear that you are chilly! We’re having the opposite trouble here—it is so hot that we’ve been retreating into the bedroom where there’s a window-unit air conditioner. I have gotten quite a lot done, but I’ve also been stalled by the foggy headedness that comes from the heat.
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    1. I can’t wait for scorching weather. I know that when it arrives I’ll probably complain that it is too hot 🙂 and look for cool spots.

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