MicroblogMonday: To Unfriend or Unfollow?

Is it better to unfriend or unfollow someone on Facebook?

Sometimes people post a message warning of an impending “clean-up” of their friends.  Why do people tell everyone that they may be unfriended. Why not just do it? Are they secretly sending a message that only a particular person will understand? Would they say that to their friends face to face?

Social media has spawned a new set of behaviours, ones that would not normally be shared in face to face conversations. Somehow it provides relative safety to say things not normally said.

Do people unfriend their friends in real life as often as on Facebook?

If you unfriend someone on Facebook, do you still remain their friends in real life?

What is better – to unfriend or to unfollow?


4 thoughts on “MicroblogMonday: To Unfriend or Unfollow?”

  1. YES! I think that is so odd. If I was going to do it, I would quietly do it. If I thought someone needed a specific explanation, I would email them directly to let them know. But Facebook has the ability to remove the person from your feed without unfriending them, and to block them from seeing your posts. So why unfriend at all unless there has been a horrific transgression?
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    1. I have those too. Then I unfollow. I’ve only ever unfriended once and it was a drastic move not to be sucked into a domestic situation. It’s apparently a strategy the person in question uses, to tag people so as to bring them into her drama.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts John.

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