Weekend Coffee Share: Chilly chilly chilly

Hello everybody! It’s good to be back after skipping the share last week. On the Friday I ate something I wasn’t supposed to and I spent Saturday mostly sleeping, in between the nausea and the sinus pain. But all of that is behind me now and today is a new day!

If we were having coffee we’d spend time discussing the new theme on my blog. I get bored easily and even though I love the Twenty Fourteen theme for its versatility, good looks and easy navigability, I decided to make a change. Hope you like it. The last time I changed themes I missed the Twenty Fourteen so much that I went back. Let’s see how long this theme will last. I like the boldness of it and it has loads of widget areas. I know these make the site slow to load but I am a widget-junkie. I judge new themes by the number of widget areas it has.

This week I also succumbed and bought Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. I’ve succeeded for the last four years to stay pure to Mac. Now that I am using my Mac for work I find that I needed the Microsoft. The laptop my company gave me is a top of the range Lenovo Thinkpad – but it is so huge and heavy. I’m not a big person and with the amount of walking and stair climbing I do now my shoulders and back were taking some strain. I find that my Mac has slowed down a bit, which is making me think carefully about how long I will tolerate this before uninstalling Microsoft and buying a small Windows laptop for work instead. Watch this space!

I also spent some time updating the OS to Yosemite (yes, I know it’s been out for a while, but the old OS was working fine and there were more important things to do). So now I see that iPhoto is no longer a standard app and has been replaced by Photos. I guess that this is ok as it mirrors the other i-devices I have but I like iPhoto. Really I did!

On Tuesday I visited my “old” team, the one I left in April and it was simply amazing to catch up with them. On Thursday the company I work for had its annual results presentation and what a party it was! I left early (20h00) and Uber’ed home (my first solo Uber trip – I know, I know, I’m a later bloomer). Yesterday Che and I went to the 2nd birthday party of a friend’s cute son – what fun it was.

IMG_7008Oh!!!! And I almost forgot – I finally bought the Canon 50mm lens with the Sandton City vouchers my previous team gave me when I left. What a beauty it is and I can’t wait to play around with it.

We forgot the weather! Well, it’s been chilly, chilly, chilly here in Gauteng!

Well, until next week, I bid you all a fantastic week ahead and look forward to catching up over coffee again next week!

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